Birth injuries deserve to get more attention. They are often traumatic for the newborn child and for the parents, and many of them last a lifetime. Despite these obvious points, there is little coverage of birth injuries in the news and almost no advice given to expecting parents about how to deal with the possible risks of birth injury or how to act afterward.

There is a simple reason for this latter point. Most advice given to expectant mothers comes from doctors or others who work in the medical community. It is against their best interests to advise parents about birth injuries because many birth injuries can lead to lawsuits.

The reason for this is that many birth injuries are the result of mistakes made by the doctor or other medical professionals on hand. Whether the doctor has performed the wrong procedure, given the wrong diagnosis, or waited too long to perform a necessary procedure, the results can be catastrophic. Equally so when a nurse accidentally shakes a child or even drops one. Such things, seemingly impossible, happen too frequently.

It’s important for parents to know that these issues are not the fault of the parents and that those who have made the mistakes are required to pay. A birth injury lawyer, like the trial lawyers of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, can lay out a case that shows just what was done wrong and just how much a family will need in order to live fulfilling lives no matter what has occurred during the birthing process.

This point is important because the costs of raising a child that has suffered a severe birth injury can be intimidating. There can be medical costs for the child both upfront and in the future, rehabilitation costs, potentially long-term physical therapy costs, and also a potential need for at-home care.

These costs can run into the hundreds of thousands or even millions over the course of a childhood or a lifetime, and there is no reason that a parent should be required to handle these costs alone, or even at all.

A final point should be made here. Birth injuries are different than birth defects. Defects refer to issues that come from the newborn’s genetic background. A completely successful or unsuccessful birthing process will not affect whether the child as a birth defect. It is simply a defect in the DNA from birth (as opposed to developed later).

Birth injuries, on the other hand, refer to preventable injuries done to the child in the process of giving birth. Not all of these are the fault of doctors or even preventable, but they are all, in some sense, related to problems that occur during the birthing process.

This article contains a lot of information that expectant parents should be more aware of. There are risks to giving birth, even in the 21st century. It’s best to be prepared and to know exactly what can happen and what the options are if the worst should happen.

I hope this article has helped in some small way to make that situation clearer.