Cocaine, a highly-addictive and powerful stimulant, is categorized by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of the United States as a Schedule II drug, that is, an illegal substance that has the tendency to be abused; doctors, however, can administer it to patients for medical purposes.

Being charged with a drug-related crime, especially cocaine, means huge fines and time in jail, both of which would be increased if the crime would involve injury or death. For first offenders, mere possession of the drug in any amount can result in one year behind bars and a minimum fine of $1,000, according to the United States Code (USC) of Controlled Substances Act.

The Nashville criminal defense lawyers of Horst Law, as well as the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, explain on their websites how drug crimes are aggressively prosecuted in the US, so as to discourage anyone thinking of getting involved in drug-related activities. Both law offices also point out how a drug crime charge can have a devastating effect in the lives of those caught, regardless of the purpose of involvement in it.

Drug- related crimes include manufacturing, possession, distribution, selling, or use of prohibited drugs and drug paraphernalia. Cocaine, specifically, which is consumed most in the US, is used as a stimulant to keep workers awake for increased productivity during longer working or to keep party goers active all throughout the night. However, despite having no real intent to abuse the drug or use it to harm anyone, if caught in possession of it, absence of ill intent will never save the offender from the harsh punishments. And often the first offenders and those who simply use cocaine as stimulants, individuals who actually never understand the law on illegal drugs, are the ones caught.

Being convicted of a drug offense can very well destroy one’s future, thus, a person being charged of this type of crime would absolutely need the greatest defense that only a well-informed and highly-competent lawyer can provide. Criminal defense lawyers from Mark T. Lassiter’s or Daniel Jensen’s law offices are the most commendable legal counsels for the job due to their extensive experience on criminal law and capability to competently defend any person accused.