Injuries Caused by Defective and/or Dangerous Products

Manufacturers are bound by law to always make sure that every product they produce is safe, that the product’s label correctly and accurately names the product’s ingredients, and that all necessary instructions and/or warnings that consumers have the right to know are mentioned. Making a fraudulent claim on what a product can do would be deception, an act that can result to a lawsuit, especially if the product ends up harming someone or fails to provide its claimed results.

The task of enforcing standard safety laws on the manufacture of good and ensuring that manufacturers observe these laws falls on the shoulders of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Besides these, the Bureau also has the duty to:

  • Make sure that products are neither defective nor dangerous
  • Stop unjust, fraudulent and deceptive business practices
  • Accept and investigate consumer complaints on product defects
  • File a lawsuit against individuals or companies found violating consumer rights or offering defective and/or dangerous products
  • Make sure that product labels are correct and accurate and not deceptive or misleading
  • Create and implement fair marketplace rules
  • Educate individuals of their rights as consumers, and firms of their duties and responsibilities

Despite the laws, though, many consumers still never get what they actually pay for and, worse, some products even cause injuries or death. The Benton Law Firm informs consumers that dangerous and/or defective products can take the form of simple toys for children or a complex motor vehicle and, between these two, the endless supply of food, electronic devices, power supply items, tools, (and so forth) for which manufacturers, designers of product and marketers can be held liable.

This is why thousands of product liability lawsuits continue to be filed and heard in different courts all across the US, many of which leading to court rulings in favor of consumers. Injured consumers should never hesitate taking a legal action against erring participants (in the manufacture and distribution of dangerous products) for the compensation that they may be entitled to receive due to the injury the product has caused in them.

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